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Soviet Heavy tanks

Soviet Heavy tanks

Soviet heavy tanks have inspired awe and fear from the time they were first encountered. The KV series were truly impressive, with armour that only the largest caliber weapons could penetrate and armed with powerful guns themselves, they were formidable adversaries .

However, while the multi-turreted T-35 and T-28 looked impressive they had weak armour and were extremely poor mechanically.

Our series of models of these impressive looking heavy tanks are cast in our "Supercast" technology producing single piece hulls and tracks in resin with resin turrets.


  • KV 1
    KV 1
    KV 1 Heavy Tank - £16.00
  • KV 2
    KV 2
    KV2 Heavey Tank - £17.00
  • T28
    T28 - £16.00
  • T35
    T35 - £17.00