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Orc Warriors with Axe & Shield

Of all the untamed kingdoms barbarian races, the Orcs are one of the most ferocious. Though not built for endurance their assets are their strength and toughness, they are surprisingly honourable. They have a desire to constantly test their mettle against all comers, to prove themselves, it is how their tribal system works. Sometime if the difference between two warriors is so out matched, they won’t even bother to fight at all, unless their opponent is recklessly courageous, in those rare situations they are likely to let their opponent live maybe even rewarding them. Likewise their biggest weakness is to lose, especially in one to one combat, should they be totally out-fought and then spared they will pledge until death the services of themselves and their family. In this way the Orc race has become very interspersed with other races.

The females are a force to be reckoned with just as much as the males, though they are less tough and their strength is reduced compared to the males but they have added agility making them a more all-round force.

This unit comprises of eight figures, four male and four female, they all have small added pieces of armour and wield distinctive axes, combined with a simple oval shield. The unit includes hero, standard bearer and musician.

The Orc leader is an impressive specimen wearing a spike helmet and brandishing a two headed axe, he also wears a fur cloak as a mark of leadership.