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Dwarf Warriors with Crossbows

Advances in metalwork have needed to be countered and the weapon-smiths have developed powerful missile weapons with armour piecing qualities these weapons are the heavy crossbow and the powerful longbow. The most regarded weapon-smiths are the Elves and Dwarves.

When a raiding party is formed it naturally will have a contingent of Dwarf crossbow warriors, these stout warriors march in to battle carrying their pavaise on their backs and their highly developed heavy crossbows to their front, though they wear stylised plate armour, the pavaise provides additional protection.

This set of dwarves of Escavalon wear ornate, full plate armour and carry highly effective heavy crossbows. They also carry into battle a Pavaise from behind which they can fire from giving them greater protection. This unit is led by a male hero and contains a standard, musician and contains eight figures in total.