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KV 2

KV2 Heavey Tank - £17.00

KV 2 Heavy Tank

What do you do with a 45ton heavily armoured monster of a tank, stick a huge armoured turret on it adding another 7ton on the overall weight.

The KV2 was designed as a break through or assault tank in a similar way to the British and French doctrine of an infantry tank. However unlike the British tanks this monster had a 152mm gun (as a opposed to a 37mm or 75mm) and was truly a bunker busting tank. The big problem was simply it’s weight it was too heavy, this put pressure on the running gear and engine, many KV2s like the other super heavy T35 simply broke down on route to the battlefield.

When they did arrive on the battlefield they proved a massive problem for the enemy. The Finns in the winter war used artillery and infantry tank hunters to take them out the Germans had the 88mm gun but also used infantry demolition teams. A single KV could hold up an advance for several hours and one lone KV2 stopped the entire 6th panzer division for a whole day, allowing the Soviet forces to re-group.

Our KV2 is a superb representation of this iconic tank produced in our “Supercast” format it features a one-piece hull and tracks, a resin turret with metal guns and hatches. An optional crewman and storage is included without these the model has only five pieces, which gives a very robust and quickly built model.

The model is supplied unpainted and does require minor assembly. Build time 5 minutes