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T28 - £16.00

T-28 Heavy Tank

The T28 is a multi-turreted tank though designated a medium by the Soviets at 28 tonnes it’s really was a heavy tank.

Production started in 1932 an it was designed as an infantry tank and saw service in the invasions of Poland and Finland. In 1941 there were still 411 T28s in service at the time of the Germany invasion and these were suffering from long road marches with many breaking down rather than being knocked out in combat.

The model is cast in our “Supercast” format of a single piece hull and tracks with three resin turrets. The main 75mm armed turret has metal mgs and hatch for a crew figure. The two MG armed turrets have metal barrels.

The model is supplied unpainted and does require minor assembly. Build time 5 minutes