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KV 1

KV 1 Heavy Tank - £16.00

KV 1 Heavy Tank

The mighty German army of 1941 might have been fixated on the multi-turreted T35 and T28 but there were poor tanks. What really shocked the Germans were the KV tanks, there heavily armoured brutes could only be stopped by their 8.8cm guns. The 3.7cm, 5cm and short 7.5cm guns could not penetrate the KV at normal combat ranges, the 3.7mm couldn’t penetrate it at all. Worse it had a gun in the 7.6cm gun that could take out any German tank.

The KV 1 combined with the T34 shocked the German war machine, who thought it had the superior weaponry. However at 45 tons the tank was just too heavy and could not cross many of the rural bridges found in eastern Europe.

Our KV is a superb representation of this iconic tank produced in our “Supercast” format it features a one-piece hull and tracks, a resin turret with metal guns and hatches. An optional crewman and storage is included without these the model has only six pieces, which gives a very robust and quickly built model.

The model is supplied unpainted and does require minor assembly. Build time 5 minutes