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T35 - £17.00

T-35 Heavy Tank

This iconic vehicle dominates many photographs from the opening weeks of the Great Patriotic War between the Soviet Union and Germany in 1941. Its sheer size demands attention however in 1941 at the start of the German invasion the Soviet Army only processed 58 T35’s and only 48 were combat ready.

In truth the T35 hardly made it to combat being over-weight and unreliable with most losses accruing on the way to any battle. Though it had powerful armaments of a 75mm and two 45mm guns plus four 7.6mm MGs, it was poorly armoured so that most calibre of weapons could penetrate its armour.

Despite all its short comings the T35 is still an impressive beast. Our model represents the 1936 production version.

The model is cast in our “Supercast” format of a single piece hull and tracks with five resin turrets. The main 75mm armed turret has metal mgs and hatch for a crew figure. The two 45mm turret have metal barrels as do the two mg turrets. The entire model weighs 110grams

The model is supplied unpainted and does require minor assembly. Build time 5 minutes