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Movement Trays

Our range of resin movement trays has grown from customer requests to become one of the most comprehensive ranges available. When we started in 2004 we made the first set of 20 sizes and we are still making them 20 years later. In 2024 we have just added a further 6 sizes, currently our range consists of 203 sizes and designs to work with scales from 10mm to 30mm. All the trays are designed to a common standard, which allows you to combine the many different styles together in a single army while maintaining a uniform look and feel.

Our latest sizes are 150 x 80mm, 150 x 60mm, 180 x 50mm, 180 x 60mm, 180 x90mm and 12, 25mm round bases in 2 ranks (6x2)

Why Resin Trays?

We think that resin trays are superior to plastic or wooden trays because:

  • They do not 'flex' as plastic trays do, which can lead to paint chipping or flicking off
  • The edges are ready textured, making them quick and easy to paint to a tabletop standard, but still easy to add extra details if desired

Painted Trays

As well as the unpainted finish, we offer all of our trays painted in 4 standard colour schemes :

  • Grey/stone edges (over black undercoat) with static grass
  • Grey/stone edges (over black undercoat) with green flock
  • Sand edges (over brown undercoat) with green flock
  • Brown/earth edges (over brown undercoat) with static grass

Grey/Stone edges with static grass Grey/Stone edges with green flock Brown/sand edges with green flock Brown/earth edges with static grass

Custom Sizes or Finishes

Our range has been developed to meet the needs of our customers, if you have a requirement for a size that we do not currently produce, please contact us and we can discuss adding your size to the range. Similarly, if you want painted trays, but our standard colour schemes do not fit in with your figures we are happy to look into accommodating custom requests.

Movement Trays by Scale