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SU 57

SU 57 Tank Destroyer - £12.00

SU 57 Tank Destroyer

The American T48 M3 Gun Motor Carriage was a development from the 75mm GMC but by the time it went into production neither the Americans nor the British wanted it. The British sent them to the Soviet Union under their lend-Lease arrangement.

Our model of the SU 57 has been made in our “Supercast” quality with a one-piece resin hull including tracks and wheel. This model beautifully recreates this important if temporary vehicle.

The model kit contains resin hull and shield. A 57mm main gun, three artillery figures, one head in a soviet steel helmet (for the seated figure) and front winch, all in high quality white metal.

The model is supplied unpainted and will require some assembly, however this is very simple and can be completed in around five minutes.