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M17 MGMC - £12.00

MGMC M17 Half Track

Multiple Gun Motor Carriage.

The M17 mounted Four 50 calibre machine guns in a M45D mount fitted to a M5 half-track. The M17 was produced by the International Harvester Company from December 1943 to March 44 solely for the lend-lease program with nearly all 1000 going to the Soviet Union, where it was a much prized asset.

  • New Supercast*

The M16 Half-track is in our new Supercast technology featuring a one piece Resin body casting including tracks and wheels. The M45D quadruple mount is in high quality white metal and requires assembly. The model contains three moulded in figures and comes four separate heads in steel helmets and Piloka caps.

The model is supplied unpainted.