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M21 81mm half-track Mortar carriage

M21 Half track

The M4 proved to be unpopular and the final mortar variant mounted a 81mm mortar into the M2A1 half-track with the mortar facing forward. additional storage racks could be fitted on the rear of the vehicle and our model has a resin addition that can be added,

Additional armament could be , either a 50 or 30cal. machine gun on a pedestal mount.

Our model contains two heads in American steel helmets (for the two seated figures), one 50.cal medium machine gun.

An option is available with four figures manning the mortar.

The model is supplied unpainted and will require assembly, however this is very simple and can be completed in around 5 minutes.

The kit contains a resin hull and wheels, tracks, front visor, roller, 81mm mortar and guns, all in high quality white metal.

Figures are also in high quality white metal.