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Regiment Sets

The elves are exceptional at stealth and scouting and the best form their ranger units. These figures can be used either as standard archers or as rangers.

These figures each carry swords and longbows, they also wear cloaks which give them a ranger look however the elves are known for their fine weapons and clothing. This figure set has four male and four female figures. A Hero, A standard bearer with Standard, a Musician and five individual figures.

Buying units is a more cost effective way and the larger the unit the better the value. We offer the following unit combinations,

  1. A command set, hero, musician, standard and bearer.
  2. A Regiment of Ten: Three command figures plus seven warriors.
  3. A Regiment of Twenty: Three command figures plus seventeen warriors
  4. A Troop of Ten: Two each of the five standard figures
  5. A Raiders unit: A unit for our raiders rule set, six figures including a hero.
  6. A Raiders leader unit: A unit to represent the leading unit of the warband, this unit contains six figures, a hero, standard with bearer and four figures.

All figures are 28mm scale pewter figures All our units are available painted please contact us via email to discuss any colour scheme requirements.

Sculpted by Martin Baker.