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Human Druid & Acolytes

Set of 3 - Unpainted - £7.00

The druid of this unit wears a stag’s antlers, probably as old as him, and carries an assortment of animal parts and skulls used in his work. The acolytes serve the mystic, providing physical protection as well general duties such as food preparation. During battle the acolytes allow the mystic to channel magical energies more effectively, providing a boost to his spell casting abilities. The two acolytes in this unit wear skulls like their master, each carries an axe as well as a wooden staff. No figure in this unit wears any form of armour preferring to have faith in the magical prowess of the druid.

This unit consists of 3 28mm scale pewter figures. Supplied either unpainted and unassembled, or painted to a gaming standard. Please contact us via email to discuss any colour scheme requirements.

Sculpted by Martin Baker.