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Advance Order for Autumn shows

We have added to the pre-orders for the autumn run of shows as follows

  • Derby World Wargames (1st & 2nd October)
  • SELWG in Crystal Palace (9th October)
  • Crisis in Antwerp (5th November)
  • WARfare in Reading (19th & 20th November)
If you would like to place orders for any painted figures or movement trays, you can select the show you will collect your order at once you reach the checkout stage of the website. Advance orders close on the Sunday before a show, to give us time to make your order.

Raiders of Arcana

Raiders of Arcana

With Raiders of Arcana we want to offer a different concept to how the warbands are put together, instead of fielding warbands or armies of one race, warbands will be based around a culture and can include units from various fantasy races. In a single warband you may have Humans fighting alongside Elves, Dwarves & Orcs, with the warband culture dictating the style and level of weapons and armour available.

Available to order now from our online store.

Visit Raiders of Arcana for more background and pictures.

Movement Trays

We have added a range of new skirmish trays with 20mm square, 25mm square and 25mm round cutouts, all available in 3,4,5,6,8 and 10 figure versions, with photos coming soon.