Raiders of Arcana Playtesting

Posted on 30-Nov-15 by Tom Hirst

The rules are up and running with playtesting by the wargaming community underway as well. The rule book, warband lists and token sheet are all downloadable from the Battlezone Miniatures websites. The Raiders of Arcana website will be used to co-ordinate playtesting results, questions and answer. If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us.

New Figures Coming Soon

Posted on 27-Nov-15 by Steve Renwick

We have commissioned our sculptor Martin Baker to produce two additional warrior monk bodyguards to finish the Escavalon mystic unit, bringing the unit up to five individual sculpts. He will also produce our first 54mm collector’s figure, a female barbarian warrior.

We will be launching a kickstarter campaign to finish the first units of our Confederation of Athena warband. The planned units are human leader retinue, faun warrior unit, oracle mystic with lizard warrior bodyguards and an elven archer unit.

Raiders of Arcana Lauched on Kickstarter

Posted on 22-Nov-14 by Tom Hirst

Battlezone Miniautres has just launched our first Kickstarter campaign - Raiders of Arcana. This will be a warband style game for between 30-60 figures and we will be supporting these rules with a complete set of new figures..

With Raiders of Arcana we want to offer a different concept to how the warbands are put together, instead of fielding warbands or armies of one race, warbands will be based around a culture and can include units from various fanasy races. In a single warband you may have Humans fighting alongside Elves, Dwarves & Orcs, with the warband culture dictating the style and level of weapons and armour available.

To see the figures we are producing please head on over to Kickstarter.